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Testing for XSB Releases

We provide here our checklist for release testing of XSB in order to help users understand whether an interim release may be suitable for them to download. All of the tests below are run for each full release (usually), and most are run for interim releases. The main tests involved are

The sequential XSB test suite, which contains about 70,000+ lines of code. This test suite tests tabling and non-tabling features of XSB's core engine and code, along with libraries and packages. It can be obtained through checking out the module xsbtests through anonymous CVS.

The multi-threaded XSB test suite, which tests thread-safety and concurrency features for the core engine and libraries, along with threading, mutex, and message queue predicates. It contains about 6000 lines of code, and can be obtained by checking out the module mttests through anonymous CVS.

The garbage-collection test, in which the sequential test suite is run with heap garbage collection invoked every 100 or so WAM instructions.

The Flora-2 test suite, developed as part of Flora-2, indirectly tests a number of features of XSB.

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